Friday, May 15, 2009

HOE - Woodland Exchange Received

My woodland exchange has arrived and it's from Cari again. She stitched a beautiful 'Yellow Lemon Tree Fob' that was done one-0ver-one. You may also notice a few ripe lemons on the ground lol. The floss colour she chose are so matching. Look at the back of the fob. From afar, it looks like stamp printed on the fabric. Cari includes some extras.... GAST floss, a belfast linen fabric... they are way beyond my expectation. Once again a big THANK YOU to Cari. From where I am, these are not easily available here.
While you are here... take a look at the blue pinkeep she did for me in year 2007. Woooh... how time files...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mystery Work

Update on my mystery project. Glad to finish a big portion of the stitching during the holiday.