Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas to ALL

Today is Christmas Day from where I am.

These are the wonderful gifts from Helen. She labelled each gifts with a small tag.

"A sweet taste of something British" - Milk choc log
"Scent of winter" - wax potpourri
"To keep the snuffles away" - tissue in style
"Enjoy a taste of England UK" - English BF Tea
"To keep you updated" - Peter Rabbit '07 calendar
"I bet this one has you wondering" - Xmas Doily
"Can you guess what this might be" - Angel ornament.

I love them all. Thanks Helen. Hmmmm... After this, I am going to sit back, have a nice cup of english tea and continue with my Winter Quaker Exchange work.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

SBE Christmas Ornament Exchange 2006 Received

I received my SBE Christmas Ornament from Helen today. When I opened the package, my mouth and eyes goes ' O'!!! Inside the package are 8 small individually wrapped parcels. And each parcel has a personal note tagged on it. Notes like " I bet this one has you wondering...." ; "Enjoy a taste of England UK"; "Scents of winter"; "Can you guess what this might be?" etc..
I am overjoy to receive so many from sweet Helen.

I decided to open the ornament parcel first and leave the rest for Christmas Day. Another surprise await me as I opened it. It's almost the same theme as my stitchwork I sewn for Jo - a red and white hanging ornament. It's a very cute snowman with 2 cardinal birds flying around. And the tiny stars on the red fabric are like snowflakes falling down from the sky. It put a smile on my face whenever I look at it. I intend to hang it at my workdesk.'s 9 more days to Christmas Day ;-p. I can't wait to open all the presents !

SBE Board - Christmas Ornament Exchange 2006 Sent

This is my first attempt in making a wall hanging. The cross stitch design was from Sue Hillis Design known as Snowmen Kit. I find the design very cute as it shows all the stuff required to make a snowman. The tiny snowman shown at the right hand bottom is actually a Christmas hanging ornament. To gives the design a 3D touch, I sewn the ornament's string securely behind the lugana fabric and glued the snowman on the surface with an artwork white glue. The finishing was done using no-sew technique i.e iron-on adhesive tape.
This was specially made for Jo.