Friday, February 20, 2009

Mystery Project

Unable to sleep well lately, many stitching thoughts and plans comes to mind in the nights. So at the end, I decided to start a mystery project on my own. I will show you the many stages of my stitching as times goes by. Two very contrasting colour Nile Blue and Hibiscus (both silk floss from Vickki Clayton) will be used. It will be a 1-over-1 stitch on 28 ct silkweaver fabric.

Here is the first stage after 3 nites of stitching. (The purple lines are my dividing or guiding lines. :) )

SBEBB Frosty Friends Exchange - Received

I received my exchange package from Laurie yesterday. She stitched a cute design from Helga Mandl titled "Peppermint Paul" on her own hand-dyed fabric. Isn't the snowman cute? :) Pop-ing candies and walking merrily at the same time. Helga Mandl Designs is new to me. A search in the internet ... HMD is a Croatian Cross Stitch design company that specializes in easy, quick to stitch, funny and colourful designs. Will take a look at what design pattern they have later.
Laurie also includes extras: a round white doily ( she crochet it herself... :) ... a woman of many talents ....), chocolate bar, varigated floss and altoid tins that are listed in my wishlist. I have been lemme for altoid tins for some time ever since I bought the tin topper chart. It will be great to house my stitching needles in the 'stitched' tin. Thanks Laurie.

Below is the closed-up of the snowman. Love her stitch work. So neat and tidy. And those are red and white beads.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SBEBB Frosty Friend Exchange 2008 sent

Now that Gaby has received my package, I can show you what I have make for her. It is a design by Prairie Schooler titled 'Let it snow'. I finished it as a hanging pin keep. This design is also one of her 'wish to stitch' christmas ornament collection. :) . Glad to know that she likes it.

I have not being very active with stitching since January. Firstly due to 'lazy bones' and with the current economy recession.... my battery mood being pretty low. With the company globalizing, meaning more working hours, less stitching time. And with each hot awful nights, sleep has not come easy too. Is age catching up? I wonder. :(