Thursday, October 26, 2006

RSB - Spring/Autumn Exchange 2006

For this exchange, the stitcher need to sew a stitched piece with the theme of Spring or Autumn depending on where she lives and what season it is for her.

I choose Autumn. It's the season during which most crops are harvested and some trees lose their leaves annually. It brings to my mind colours like red, brown, yellow and green. After my good attempt with the pink butterfly coaster, I decided to sew another butterfly that is brown and yellow.

I am very pleased with the finished coaster as the colour combination and effect look so real. I also include some bikini charms and DMC varigated threads to my recipient Natty from UK. Glad to hear my package received in order ;-) .

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I received this pin cushion for the Rotation Stitchers Board's Spring/Autumn Exchange. It was sewn by Wendy from USA. It depicts a raven perching on top of a watermelon with a greenery hoop around it. The cushion can also be hanged using the green and white ribbons. Wendy also sent me a note-pad, a watermelon pin and a cute greeting card. I understand from her greeting card that the place where she is staying, it is famous for its Muscatine melons. Yum... yum.. Already I can feel the melon's juice flowing down from my mouth after the first bite....yum..yum..

Happy Birthday To You

Recently I borrowed a stitch book titled "Butterflies and Hummers" from a friend. After browsing thru the pages, I immediately feel in love with the butterflies designs. I decided to sew one and chose a blue butterfly with pink flowers.

The full-stitch design are sewn using DMC threads on canvas. I am happy with the finished work. The colour is vibrant and the design is lively.

I shown the finished work to Cindy who also likes it very much. It was later given as a birthday gift to Cindy for her 40th birthday. (Whoa... how time flies.......another year wiser, Cindy? ) I am glad this butterfly has find its rightful owner. The coaster is currently being displayed at her work desk ;-) ........