Thursday, August 10, 2006

Scissor FOB Exchange

This is the first exchange program, which I have signed up at the Rotation Stitching Forum in June. I truly enjoyed the whole process from selecting a suitable design, personalized it along with some small gifts and right up to sending the parcel at the Post Office. ;-)

For my recipient Chris, I selected the design DELFT TULIPS from the Textile Heritage Collection. I replaced the tassel with a golden ribbon as I have problem creating and sewing the tassel to the fob. Generally I am very satisfied with the work done and am pleased that Chris likes it too.

And from my sender Angi, I received this personalized scissor keep sewn using Dinky Dyes - DayDream. It has my initial L sewed in a shimmering fabric material with eyelets and Rhodes square stitches at the 2 sides. However my photo shots are not able to capture the shimmer effect. She also includes a beautiful fairy card and 2 hand-dye threads. I am very glad to receive the floss, as I always wanted to try others. The most common brand found here are DMC and Anchor.


Cindy said...

Glad to know that you enjoyed your first now, are you looking forward to participate in another one?

moomoo said...

Yes..Cindy. In fact right now I am eye-ing on another exchange. Hope you can join me too.