Thursday, March 22, 2007

Amazon France

Ordering these great french cross-stitch books from Amazon France is a breeze. There is a 'Help In English' at the left hand column when you click on AIDE at the top of the first page. From there you will get to know how to order your stuff and what are the shipping costs and payment type etc... However you need to have a Amazon account first before you can order any books. So go to to create a new account if you have none. Once it is created, logon with your new account. Click on 'Your Account' at the top of the page. Set 1-CLICK Ordering settings to ON. This will allow you to place orders in Amazon.Fr site. Close the window session and proceed to Amazon.Fr and order your books. You will then received a confirmation order via email.... but then it is in french. Just cut and paste some of the words and use a language tranlator such as Babel Fish Translator to translate it from french to english. Ta-da .... you are done. Well.... hope the above information helps you in your quest to acquire your favourite french
Do drop over at Cindy's blog to have a look at her short reviews of these 3 books.


Vonna said...

Linda, I got the most beautiful exchange in the mail from you today :)
Thank you ever so much. I am posting pictures to the SBEBB board right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your stitching is perfection and I truly believe it is the most delicate, beautiful thing I own! Thank you ever so much!

Agnes Tan said...

Hi! May I know how much do u pay for the uppermost book - book + shipping in SGD? I've been looking for a sampler book and I fell in with this?

Thanks, Agnes

moomoo said...

Agnes, at that time the cost of the book =22.51 euro and shipping cost=13 euro.