Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Shopping at Violarium

Hurray!! My package from Violarium has arrived last night. I was very surprised as I had just placed the order on the 28th Feb and did not expect to receive them so early. I immediately called up Cindy about the good news. Cindy has also placed an order for the same french cross-stitch magazine "De Fil En Aiguille " thru my account. She was thrilled about it too. After the call, she sent me this sms message "Great. Can't wait to see them. Wish I could fly to your place now and take a look. LOL...." What a fun and jovial friend to have... :-)

Lately I have been crazy about redwork and quaker designs. As Violarium was having a one-day special - 20% discount on all orders + free shipping anywhere in the world.. for her 1st anniverary on the 28th Feb, I took the golden opportunity to ordered two of Isabella Vautier's charts ["All I Need Is Love Quaker" and "Dans La Jungle" ] and the french cross-stitch magazine titled " De Fil En Aiguille Special Issues - Samplers". Even though both of us don't speak or understand french, the diagrams of the magazine are clearly charted. We loved most of the designs from this special issue. There are a total of 17 designs (big and small samplers) within the 60 over pages. Leena who is the shop owner of Volarium and a SBEBB member ; even enclosed a 2-page French -> English cross-stitch dictionary and 2 free charts for us. We can't wait for the special issue "Tout Rouge" to be in-stock at Violarium .

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Cindy said...

Thanks for being my friend too... Guess we will be spending more again on those magazines. LOL