Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cross Stitch Card Shop **Patchwork Baby Card**

My first handmade cross-stitch greeting card. (Clap... clap... clap....)

I am very pleased with the end result. When I first saw the picture of the baby pram in the Cross Stitch Card Shop issue 47 at Knotty Shop... I know I have to get it. It's the perfect personal gift I want to make for an ex-colleague. She has just given birth to a 3.42kg baby boy and the baby happen to be her first-born child. So the colour blue will be the right choice for this card.To spice up this card....(with pots and pans heehee and eyes I added in some acid-free scrapbook embellishments at the front page.

I stamped the word 'CONGRATULATIONS' at the inner page using dye-ink coffee colour. This is my first attempt at stamping. You can see that the stamping is not that good especially at the ending part. I should have stamped and tested on some draft papers first before I did it on the card. Anyway I leave it as it is. Hmmmm... should I add in more wordings at this page?? What you think? Any suggestions?

Now the back page..... I was browsing at a local handicraft store and then I came across this 'Handmade by' stamp. Upon seeing it, an idea immediately came to my mind. I can stamp it at the back of the card and sign in my name as MooMoo. Then I saw a COW PUNCHER.... I thought 'Hey...I can punch out 2 paper cows and replaced it with my name!'.
HaHaHaHa.....And so this is how this back page design came about.

Well....really hope that my recipient will like it as much as I do. :-p

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Zohrah said...

And you made the right choice to start blogging, you should show the nice works that you have done like the card. It's beautiful.

Pple always thought of simply buying a card but you have personalised it, I'm sure she would love the extra touch. :)

Found you on Cindy's site.