Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mirabilia ** WORK IN PROGRESS **

Mirabilia - Waiting for Ships

I am a big fan of Mirabilia Designs and I really love the contemporary looks and timeless depiction of Nora Corbett's designs. Nora, a designer cum painter, usually uses subjects like fairies, angels, queens, mothers .... graceful and elegant women posed in various romantic settings. Designs like 'Waiting For Ships' , 'Sleeping Beauty' , 'Fairy Moon' and 'The Forest Goddess' are some of my favourites. I chose 'Waiting For Ships' to be the first to sew. This 1998 design shows a heartbroken mermaid awaiting among the rocks and sea sprays for the return of her handsome sea captain. You can vision her long chestnut hair flowing gracefully in the deep blue sea... Her emerald aqua fins and tails shimmering brightly under the sun... Her heart yearning.... yearning for her lover to return....(sob...sniff...sniff....)

OK.. now coming back to the real world... (blowing my nose with a hanky...) this stitchwork requires Kreinik metallic thread and beads by Mill Hill. It is also my first work with metallic thread and sewing petite glass beads on the fabric. I started stitching on the 32 count blue linen fabric since last April. The completed design area is to be 11"x17". Currently it is half-done. I have stop stitching it for a couple of months now as I find it tedious. I don't know why ... I just don't seem to be able to focus on this work. Dear me... it seems the mojo has worn-off???? HELP...! I need to charge-up again Bzzzz.... Bzzzz........ Bzzzz.... (5% charged) Bzzz... Bzzzz ( charging....) Bzzz..... Meanwhile I am going to spend more time with other smaller stitchworks :-p .

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