Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moo Moo Here.....

After much "pecking" from a friend (gosh....I can still hear her click-clacking in the back of my mind ...heehee..) , I finally get the courage to create my very own blog. I was hesitating at first as I am afraid I might not have the perseverance to see it through... Well... then I tell myself...'At least I have to try'.

First I have to decide what I want to post at the blog. My finished craftwork, my on-going works, my wishlist (maybe....). Next Blog name. Getting a unique name for this blog is also a fun process for me and my friend Cindy. 'MooMoo' is used as it is the id I practically used in all the stitching forums that I have joined. We then brainstorm on the blog name..... 'MooMoo', 'MooMoo Blog', 'MooMoo Stitch' , 'MooMoo Talk' , 'MooMoo Craft'..... We laughed at all the funny names we came out with. Then I come across this word MOTIF in one of the sewing craft website. The word looks cool and perfectly depict the blog's theme. So we combined the 2 words and come out with MooMootif.

Currently I am crazy about hardanger and papercraft greeting cards. I have being buying alot of magazines and papercraft supplies lately. (oh wallet is getting lighter....). And I just subscribe to Cross-stitch Crazy. (Knock..Knock...) Really hope it is not a spur of a moment..... ;-p

I better download my pictures from the camera to the computer tonight.....

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Cindy said...

WELCOME to Blogging World, Moo Moo..
Keep your posting rolling in, ok? :)